Welcome to DemonRiddles

Before we begin, there are just a few rules and guidelines to follow.

1) No spoiling: Do not give anyone else an answer directly; it spoils the fun for others. If they are stuck and ask for help, give them hints to guide them.

2) Stay calm: These riddles are meant to be for fun, they're not supposed to stress you out. If you can't do one, take a break and come back, it can help.

3) Difficulty: Although the riddles are planned to get more difficult as they progress, they will challenge different ways of thinking, so do not be put off if you find early ones hard as you may find later ones easier.

4) Answers: When you think you have the answer, enter it into URL (address bar) just before the .html. For example, if you are on this current page (http://demonriddles.com/index.html) and the answer to the page was "answer" then you would enter into the address bar: http://demonriddles.com/answer.html.

Remember, some riddles will be simple, and some will be hard. You might figure out some straight away and some might take days. Some answers might be hidden and some obvious. Sometimes the answer will be hard to find, and sometimes the answer might be right there in front of you.